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We serve accounting and tax planning, as well as accounting system , auditing, juristic person registration and other services.


One-stop service

We serve comprehensive accounting services to lighten the load for entrepreneurs about accounting and all related parts.


Professional service

We are experts with a wide range of experiences in business for a long time as well as providing services to customers at all levels.


Comprehensive services for all businesses with fair prices

PMP SERVE (Thailand) has standard and correct services in accounting , taxation and registration covering all businesses with fair prices.

About us

PMP Serving (Thailand) Co., Ltd. provides company registration services, accounting service , tax service and tax auditing service with a team of professionals with over 17 years of experience. We have served many customers

If you are an entrepreneur who is running business but you are still running in the form of an individual, you need to register your company for supporting the business growth or expanding the business, Company registration is your choice.

PMP SERVE, provide company registration services. We are ready to take care both before and after-sales service as well as establishing credibility in running business  Read more


Our service


Business Registration Service

PMP SERVE (THAILAND) provides Registration Service, Limited Partnership Registration and other services. We are ready to take care of you both before and after sales service as establish credibility in running business


Tax service

PMP SERVE(THAILAND) provides comprehensive tax services for both the private sector and all relevant government agencies as well as The Ministry of Labor, The Revenue Department and The Ministry of Commerce to lighten the load for organization.


Consulting service

PMP SERVE (THAILAND) provides business consulting services in accounting and tax. We are business consultant and financial advisor by professional team.


Restaurant Business Accounting Service

PMP SERVE (THAILAND) provides restaurant business accounting services to lighten the load for entrepreneurs in accounting. 


Bookkeeping service

PMP SERVE (THAILAND) provides bookkeeping services , monthly - annual closing , closing financial statements, online accounting services by the professional team, fair prices, and sincere service.


Auditing service

PMP SERVE (THAILAND) provides services for auditing company accounts , Partnership Limited account , the Association-Foundation account with professional auditors as fast service, and fair price.


Online Accounting Service, Convenient and Fast for you

In all businesses, Accounting is a top priority as well as marketing planning, human resource management. If the accounting system fails, it could mean potential business losses immediately. If you are one of those who are looking for professional bookkeeping assistant with accuracy for the business can move forward stably, We are confident that the customers will receive worthwhile services with our experienced team.

Customers are part of us

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