About Us

PMP Serve (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Formed and run by a group of experts and professionals in accounting, taxation, financing, which has a business policy, provides services in accounting and taxation, setting up accounting system, auditing accounts, corporate registration, and other services. We are an accounting office and has authorized and skilled accountant with professional work. We are focus on the quality of accounting, taxation and provides bookkeeping service, auditing accounts and be consultant in accounting, tax planning, as well as service on the corporate registration.   read more



  • Development of organization

    Always add knowledgeable to the personnel.

  • Human Resource Development

    With quality into the job market in accounting and tax services.

  • Development of operating system

    Always keep up to date.

  • Development of examination

    To reduce the mistake to the minimum. To be accountant, and accounting firm with a quality of service in accounting with a good structure of management.

Our Mission

To provide customers with quality accounting to comply with accounting standards and taxation. Tax remittance is processed according to the Revenue Department. We provide auditing services of annual accounts, internal audits, and, most importantly, providing accurate accounting, financial information or advice on time to help in considering and analyzing the decisions of the company in order to manage the business for growth, or for solving problems , or for investment, as a result to be able to gather the value of the business and its financial strength through its financial planning, cash flow and operational efficiency measures and way to apply technology to accounting operations and management systems for more effectively.


The reason of trust and choose the service of PMP SERVE (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


To reduce expenses in accounting.


No worries in accounting and taxation.

To take almost time for business to grow steadily.


To use the correct information,

In analysis and determine in financial and business more than focusing on numbers in accounting.


To reduce the employment that hire accountant works in full time.

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New entrepreneurship registration, or SME.

That needs a correct accounting system of beginning in business dealings.


For the entrepreneur that think the accounting expense, and taxes are important.

To prevent the business problems that is one of the important investments and necessary.

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