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Procedure and Providing

  • Receive monthly papers on the 3rd -4th of the next month.

    (The company will deliver the schedule three years for admission document every month)

  • Inform the bill by the date of 5th-7th of the next month.

    (With input and output tax report, P.P.30, P.P.36, P.N.D.1, P.N.D.3, P.N.D.53, Society insurance and provide monthly accounting.)

  • Remit tax as scheduled on the 7th and the 15th of the following month.
  • Corporate income tax estimating net profit, half year P.N.D.51 with tax remittance.
  • Register the accountant and the auditor for an enterprise.
  • Provide summary report of the employees and send to the Social Security yearly.
  • Provide summary of employees’ income for the Revenue Department yearly.
  • Prepare a financial statement with an auditor, certified financial statements, filed annual taxes P.N.D.50 and submit the financial statements to Ministry of Commerce.

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