Apply for a work permit

Foreigners who need to come to work in Thailand legally whether running a business, or being an employee in every occupation, it is necessary to apply for a work permit which is a document that allows foreigners to work in highly skilled labor.


Apply for a work permit, Work Permit with PMP SERVE (THAILAND),in one stop service.


PMP SERVE (THAILAND) is a service provider for a work permit requesting with high expertise and other comprehensive services related to the Work Permit, such as requesting work permits for foreigners, Work Permit Renewal, Amendment to Work Permit. Read more

Information required to apply for a Work Permit

The documents required for applying for a Work Permit are as follows:

  • 01
    Request form Tor Tor 1
  • 02
    3 photos, size 1 and a half inches, taken within 6 months
  • 03
    Letter to the Governor, clarify the need to employ foreign workers
  • 04
    Employment certificate or employment contract
  • 05
    Copy of educational evidence and proof of employment
  • 06
    Medical certificate
  • 07
    Company certificate
  • 08
    Location map of the establishment
  • 09
    Copy of Passport or Residence Certificate and Alien Identification Certificate with original
  • 10
    Copies of a professional license in case of a professional practice that is required by law to obtain a professional license.
  • 11
    Power of attorney from the employer (In case the employer is a foreigner, use a copy of the work permit ) affixed with a 10 baht stamp duty and a copy of the person's identification card.
  • 12
    Other documents or books according to the type/business of the employer



Ask For Work Permit License Service

PMP SERVE (THAILAND) is a work permit service provider with a highly skilled and other services involved in work permit.

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Reasons why you should use the service to apply for a work permit from PMP SERVE (THAILAND)


Apply for a work permit to work with one stop service

PMP SERVE (THAILAND) PMP SERVE (THAILAND), A comprehensive work permit service, for standard and legal work permits at a reasonable price.


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We have specialists and a team who are very experienced in obtaining work permits, for foreigners, establishment and employers across the country for a long time ensuring standards and accuracy


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We are ready to serve you work permit with speed, conciseness, promptness, ready to give advice and solve problems quickly, on time and on time.


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We provide work permits at reasonable prices, guaranteeing quality standards in providing work permits at fair prices for everyone. No additional hidden costs.


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We adhere to the principle of sincere Work Permit service, so we give advice and recommend only the facts which is based on honesty and sincerity. Our work processes are transparency and can be monitored every step of the way.

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