Limited company registration service.

Credibility is one of the keys to sustainable business success. Many entrepreneurs want to register a company to support their business growth and expansion as most of their partners are looking for running business with legal entities rather than individuals because they can check status such as registered capital, list of shareholders including easier financial status cause entrepreneurs who run business as a company have more business opportunities than other forms of business.


Recommended registered capital

Things to know about
"Registered Capital"
that suitable to business for future benefit of your business.

  • ( 1 million baht ) Small service business
  • ( 1 million baht ) Small trading business
  • ( 5 millions baht ) Construction business
  • ( 5 millions baht ) Businesses that need bank loans in the future
  • ( 2-5 millions baht ) Import and export business
  • ( 2-5 millions baht ) Businesses that have foreign employees and require future licenses.
  • ( 5 millions baht ) Businesses that require bid for government jobs, state enterprises, public companies.
  • ( 5 millions baht ) Businesses with customers who are foreign partners.
  • ( 5 millions baht ) Real estate business
  • ( 5 millions baht ) Industrial business
  • ( 2-5 millions baht ) Businesses with foreign owners

Minimum registered capital
100,000 - 5,000,000
"Equal" fee rate

Company registration with PMP SERVE(THAILAND) in "one-stop"service
  • Establishment of the Ministry of Commerce
  • VAT registration
  • Register an employer

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These are things that customers will receive.

Company registration certificate
Company certificate with purpose
Memorandum of Association established
Minutes of the Establishment Meeting
Established regulations
Form A.
BOJ. 3
List of shareholders (Bor Jor. 5)
Book a company name with the Ministry of Commerce
Registration E-Filling of the Ministry of Commerce
Minutes of the meeting to open a bank account
Portable card for issuing tax invoices
Register for Por Or. 01 for online tax filing.
VAT registration
Registration E-Filling of the Revenue Department
Minutes of the meeting to open a bank account
Portable card for issuing tax invoices

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Company registration with PMP SERVE (THAILAND) in one-stop service


PMP SERVE (THAILAND) is a specialist in accounting and tax services, company registration, limited partnership registration, bookkeeping services, auditing service, tax planning, accounting system, business consulting services and other comprehensive services. We take care of you by accountants and specialists with long working experience Read more

Information required for company registration

In the registration of that company, there must be at least 3 co-founders in the establishment of the company, which must be registered with the Department of Business Development along with the information used in the company registration as follows:

  • 01
    Company’s name
  • 02
    Location of Head Office/Branch with the house code number of the office location.
  • 03
    Email address and telephone number of company or director and or the name or address of the website (URL) used in public relations or business.
  • 04
    Objectives of the company to operate
  • 05
    Registered Capital
  • 06
    Name, address, age, phone number ID card number, occupation and number of shares that the person who initiated the subscription.
  • 07
    Name, address, age, phone number ID card number of 2 witnesses.
  • 08
    Name, address, age, nationality, telephone number Director’s ID card number.
  • 09
    Name, address, nationality, occupation, ID card number and the number of shares of each shareholder.
  • 10
    names or number of directors authorized to sign on behalf of the company.
  • 11
    Name, Certified Public Accountant Registration Number with compensation.
  • 12
    Important seals ( if any )

Operation procedure

Inquire about registration services

Trouble in making a Limited Company registration document, Limited Partnership, Foundations and Associations and all types of other registrations include business changes and work permits

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Reasons why you should use the company registration service with PMP SERVE (THAILAND)


Comprehensive company registration service

PMP SERVE(THAILAND) provide company registration service that has been standardized and fully legal for various types of businesses at reasonable prices.


Professional company registration service

We have specialists and a team with a lot of experience in the registration for various types of businesses for a long time, legality standard and accuracy.


Fast, quality and sincerity service

We are ready to provide you with company registration services with speed, conciseness, promptness, and we are ready to be your consultants and quickly solve the problem.


Fair and reasonable prices

We provide company registration services with fair price guaranteed standards, quality in registration service with reasonable price for all types of businesses, no additional hidden cost.



We adhere to the principle of sincere service, so we provide advice and only the facts which is based on
honesty and sincere. Our process is transparency and can be checked in any process.

Customers are part of us

PMP Serve (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

PMP SERVE ( Thailand ) Co., Ltd. is a licensed accounting office and qualified accountant. We focus on providing quality accounting and tax services, bookkeeping, accounting system, auditing, and business registration services as well as company registration, limited partnership, registration of associations and foundations and business consulting service.


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