Consulting on accounting and tax issues

PMP SERVE (THAILAND) is a specialist in accounting and tax services, advice on accounting and tax problems and other services related to accounting and tax comprehensively. We take care of you by accountants and specialists with more than 17 years of working experience.   Read more...


Accounting consulting services

For all types of businesses, whether operated by an individual, a juristic person, a corporation, a limited liability partnership, they are all involved in accounting and accounting reports. However, accounting is a sensitive job and requires a great deal of caution. If there is a lack of accurate and systematic accounting, It may cause problems later on 

Scope of services for consulting on accounting problems

Consulting on setting up accounting systems for all types of businesses and sizes.
Consultation in fixing the accounting system.
Consulting on the use of accounting programs.
Consulting on internal control in accounting.
Consulting on accounting accuracy in accordance with financial reporting standards.
Consulting on the preparation of various reports or financial statements for presentation to management, shareholders, creditors, etc.
Consultation on accounting documents and accounting document forms such as payment invoices, invoices, tax invoices, receipts, etc.
Consultation on accounting preparation such as cash receipts, cash book, purchase journal, sales journal, general journal, etc.
Consulting on closing financial statements, submit financial statements to relevant agencies.
Consultation on documents supporting accounting records for accurate tax operations.
Consulting other accounting related matters according to your needs.

Tax consulting services

Taxes are related to the business operations and income of the business whether natural persons or juristic persons. However, many entrepreneurs, especially new entrepreneurs tend to be very concerned about tax issues such as tax documentation, tax calculations, tax returns and tax remittances related. Read more...


The scope of tax consulting services

Consulting on personal income tax (PIT)
Consulting on corporate income tax (CIT)
Consulting on withholding tax (WHT)
Consulting on Value Added Tax (VAT)
Consulting specialized business tax
Consulting in the preparation of accounting documents that can be recorded as tax expenses.
Consulting tax related to your business operations.
Consulting on how to resolve tax issues in order to comply with the requirements of tax laws.
Consulting on personal income tax planning and corporate tax planning by a professional team.
Consulting on tax problems to find solutions and solutions that are legally taxable.
Consulting on legal tax savings.
Consulting on how to use the benefits that the law provides to the fullest extent.
Consulting other tax related according to your needs.

Inquire Accounting and TAX consulting services

If you are in trouble in preparing documents for accounting and tax consulting services.

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Reasons why you should use accounting and tax consulting services from PMP SERVE (THAILAND)


Comprehensive accounting and tax consulting services for all businesses

PMP SERVE (THAILAND) provides a full range of legal and standardized accounting and tax consulting services covering a wide range of businesses at reasonable prices.


Professional accounting and tax consulting services expertise.

We have a team of specialists and a team with years of experience in consulting on accounting and tax issues for a wide variety of businesses ensuring standards and accuracy.


Fast service

We are ready to provide consultation in accounting and tax problems for you with speed, conciseness, promptness and ready to solve problems quickly, and on time.


Fair and reasonable price

We provide consulting services for accounting and tax problems with reasonable prices, guaranteed quality standards in providing consulting services for accounting and tax problems at fair prices for all businesses. No additional hidden costs.


Honesty and sincerity

We adhere to the principle of sincere service and provide advice only on facts which is based on honesty and sincerity. Our work processes are transparency and can be monitored every step of the way.

Customers are part of us

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