Consulting services for general business problems

Your success is our success, PMP SERVE (THAILAND) is ready to provide consulting services for all types of business problems whether you are a large businessman or a small entrepreneur. We are ready to take care and advise you by a team of professionals from various fields such as financial experts who used to work as a bank officer senior credit department and credit review department for large and small entrepreneurs with a long experience in the business field. Read more...


If you are a businessman or entrepreneur who is facing these problems.

  • You want to produce products but there is a problem with funding.
  • Business lacks liquidity, not turning money in time.
  • Lack of a clear marketing strategy or plan.
  • Lack of experience and lack of understanding in running business.
  • You interested in starting a business but you don't know how to start a business.
  • Fraud, prosecuted, fledgling partners

Consult general business problems with PMP SERVE (THAILAND), complete in one stop service


PMP SERVE (THAILAND) is a specialist in providing consulting services for business problems., comprehensive accounting and tax consulting services for business problems VAT registration, company registration, limited partnership registration, bookkeeping, auditing, tax planning, accounting system, business consulting services and other comprehensive business-related services

Scope of service for consulting on general business problems

Registration of that company, there must be at least 3 co-founders in the establishment of the company, which must be registered with the Department of Business Development along with the information used in the company registration as follows:

Consulting that addresses common business problems with a focus on practical solutions.
Consulting on business decisions to guide operations.
Consulting on running business along with operating guidelines that are suitable for each type of business.
Consulting on business operations and internal management.
Consulting on human resources, measurement, management and experience enhancement.
Consulting on business expansion, adding branches, opening new markets
Consulting on legal related to taxes and the IRS.
Consulting on legal such as contracting, cheating, being sued, being charged with back taxes.
Consulting on financing apply for a business loan.
Collect and analyze important information for business development along with pointing out the strengths and weaknesses.
Consulting services for other business related problems according to your needs.



Enquire Consulting services for general business problems

Enquire consulting services for general business problems.

Contact us LINE@: @pmpserve
or e-mail: (Replies within 24 hours)

The reason why you should be serviced consulting by the PMP SERVE (THAILAND).


Consulting Services for business problems, comprehensive for all businesses.

PMP SERVE (THAILAND) provides consulting services for business problems with standardized and legitimate experience, comprehensive business cover wide variety at reasonable prices.


Consulting services for business operating problems with specialized.

We have a lot of specialists and professionals, experience in consulting for a variety of businesses, ensure standards and accuracy.


Fast Service and on time.

We are available for consulting and solving the business problems quickly and on time.


Consulting on the business problem with fair price.

We provide consulting services for business problems with fair price, guaranteed quality standards, providing consulting services to all businesses with no additional cost.


Honesty and Sincerity.

We adhere to sincere services, so we advise based on facts of integrity, the process of work is transparency, and can inspect at all steps.

Customers are part of us

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