Financial consulting services for SME entrepreneurs

Most businesses or SME entrepreneurs understand that they do not want to use consultants for various reasons, such as wasting time and budget or do not trust in the knowledge and competence of consultants. In fact, SME businesses can grow or expand their businesses in such a short time. Entrepreneurs may have to overcome many problems and obstacles especially in terms of capital or liquidity that may not have as much potential as large companies with heavy capital. Entrepreneurs or SME businesses need to use financial advisors to help them grow their business with stability and sustainability Read more...


Financial consulting for SME with PMP SERVE (THAILAND), complete in one stop service


PMP SERVE (THAILAND) is a specialist in financial consulting services for SME entrepreneurs., comprehensive accounting and tax financial consulting services for SME entrepreneurs, consulting services for business problems, VAT registration, company registration, limited partnership registration, bookkeeping, auditing, tax planning, accounting system, business consulting services and other services related to running business comprehensively.

Financial consulting services for SME entrepreneurs, suitable for whom?

SME entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs who want to expand their business, expand branches.

Business operators who facing liquidity problems Lack of working capital.

Start-up entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs who need to apply for a loan.

Small, medium and large business operators.



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Reasons why you should use financial consulting services for SME entrepreneurs


Comprehensive financial consulting services for SME entrepreneurs

PMP SERVE (THAILAND) provides comprehensive financial consulting service for SME entrepreneurs that meets standards and legally integrated covering a wide range of businesses at reasonable prices.


Professional financial consulting services expertise

We have specialists and a team of experienced consulting services, financial for various types of businesses for a long time ensuring standards and accuracy. 


Fast service

We are ready to provide financial consulting services for SME entrepreneurs to you with speed, conciseness, promptness, ready to give advice and solve problems quickly, on time and on time.


Providing financial advice for SME entrepreneurs at fair and reasonable prices.

We provide financial consulting services for SME entrepreneurs at reasonable prices, guaranteeing quality standards in providing financial consulting services for SME entrepreneurs at fair prices for all businesses. No additional hidden costs.


honesty and sincerity

We adhere to the principle of sincere service. We provide advice financial facts only which is based on honesty, sincerity and practicality. Our work processes are transparency and can be monitored every step of the way.

Customers are part of us

PMP Serve (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

PMP SERVE ( Thailand ) Co., Ltd. is a licensed accounting office and qualified accountant. We focus on providing quality accounting and tax services, bookkeeping, accounting system, auditing, and business registration services as well as company registration, limited partnership, registration of associations and foundations and business consulting service.


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