Tax return filing process

Benefits and Procedures for Filing a Tax Return.
All types via the Internet
Entrepreneurs benefit from the service and paying taxes via the Internet as follows:

1. It is a service for filing and paying taxes via internet by allowing taxpayers to fill information that must be filled out in a form that is authorized to be filed via the internet instead of filling out the form and submitting it with paper, and pay taxes using electronic instructions and let the bank transfer the tax fee to the Revenue Department. ( In the case of filing a form Por. 30 without tax in the form or requesting a tax refund, this service can be used.)

2. Another new alternative that is not compulsory but it helps taxpayers choose the service for more convenience while filing a tax return and paying tax at the Area Revenue Branch Office still exist as usual.

o All taxpayers can request tax returns and tax payment services via the Internet that the Revenue Department provides, except for filing and paying VAT or business taxes via only the Internet must be only entrepreneur who had registered vat or business tax.
o There must be an agreement with the Revenue Department by signing an agreement document to submit the return and pay taxes via the Internet and when you received an user ID and password from the Revenue Department, then you can enter the system to submit the tax return and pay taxes via the Internet.
o There must be an agreement with the banks participating in the project to pay taxes by E-Payment.

3. The Revenue Department does not charge any fees for applying or requesting services each time.
4. Save time and expenses in traveling to file a tax return and pay tax at the Area Revenue Branch Office.
5. Receive special privileges to submit a form after 4:30 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. of every day during the normal application deadline excluding public holidays.
6. There is a program that will help to check the basic information according to the list filled in the form and if you found wrong information in some cases, the system will immediately send the reminder list back in order to correct and to ensure that the Revenue Department has received the tax form and has already paid the tax, there will be 3 levels of evidence to confirm as follows:
o Confirm acceptance immediately upon completion of the transaction.
o Confirm receiving of the form and tax payment (if any) via Email in the next day.
o Confirm receiving of the form and tax payment (if any) by receipt where service providers can log in by using the number and password that you used to submit the form to print a receipt within 2 business days after the date you have filed the tax return and complete the payment.

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