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Filing and remitting taxes is the responsibility of everyone who has income, including juristic persons with income from business operations, businesses with VAT registration as well as businesses with income from lending and a tax refund is a right that taxpayers can do. If the tax withheld during the year is greater than the tax actually payable once the tax has been calculated, the tax return can also be filed back up to 3 years from the last day of the tax filing due date and the taxpayer will receive a refund from the Revenue Department within 3 months from the date of filing the form, complete according to the conditions of each type of taxation.


Tax refund with PMP SERVE (THAILAND) complete in one stop service


PMP SERVE (THAILAND) is a specialist in accounting and tax services, accepting tax returns, filing monthly and yearly tax returns and registration for value added tax (VAT registration), company registration, limited partnership registration, bookkeeping, auditing, tax planning, accounting system, business consulting services and other related services comprehensively. Read more...

Scope of processing tax refund services

Tax refunds can be classified according to the types of taxation as follows:

Refund of withholding corporate income tax

The corporate income tax refund withholding is a privilege for those who are entitled to a tax refund which is the person who has been withholding tax and remitting the tax but delivering an amount that exceeds the amount that should be taxed, divided into 2 types:

  • Section 63 of the Revenue Code, It is a refund of corporate income tax withholding under Section 3 Tres of the Revenue Code, such as service fees, advertising costs, wages for running things, transportation costs, etc.
  • Section 27 Tre of the Revenue Code, It is a refund of corporate income tax withholding other than Section 63 of the Revenue Code, such as Section 70 of the Revenue Code, i.e. income from training fees, commission fees, machinery repair fees, etc.

VAT refund

The VAT refund application is divided into 3 categories.


  • Section 84 of the Revenue Code is to use the tax credits, remaining on each month that occur because of the the input tax is more than the output tax, for VAT payable.
  • Section 84/1 of Revenue Code is a request VAT refund for selling goods or services.
  • Section 84/2 of Revenue Code is a request VAT refund for imports goods.

Specific business tax refund

submitted the tax but has submitted it more than the amount that should be in Section 91/11 of Revenue Code.

The tax refund, entrepreneurs should carefully study the conditions for claiming each type of tax refund and should prepare the required information and documents for the convenience of the Revenue Officers. This will allow the operator to receive a refund faster, but if you are not comfortable studying the information or do not understand the details and conditions for tax refunds, PMP SERVE (THAILAND) is happy to act as an agent for tax refunds for you with tax refund service provided by a professional team that specializes in providing direct tax refund services, high experience, facilitate the preparation of documents and other operations.



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