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Value Added Tax or VAT is a tax arising from the sale of goods or services of a business. It is a tax imposed on the consumption of goods and services of the people which is currently collected at a rate of 7 percent (current VAT rate as of 2021)   Read more ...


In what cases is it necessary to register VAT ?

VAT registration is the duty of any business, whether it is an individual or a juristic person with income from sales of goods or services that must apply for VAT when the income exceeds 1.8 million baht per year, including companies or partnerships that need to issue invoices VAT on partners or customers. There will be certain types of businesses that are exempt from VAT, such as agricultural crops, fertilizers, fish meal, animal feed, textbooks, etc., but such entrepreneurs can apply for VAT registration as well.


Register for VAT with PMP SERVE (THAILAND), complete in one-step service


PMP SERVE (THAILAND) is a specialist in accounting and tax services, VAT registration, company registration, limited partnership registration, bookkeeping, auditing, Tax planning, accounting system, business consulting services and other comprehensive services. We take care of you by accountants and specialists with long working experience, together with a quality team that is very skilled and experienced in VAT registration. Read more... 

Information required for VAT registration

The information and documents required for VAT registration are as follows:

  • 01
    Company photos
  • 02
    Company sign
  • 03
    Copy of company partnership registration certificate with objectives
  • 04
    Copy of ID card and house registration of directors
  • 05
    Letter of company location lease agreement or letter of consent to use the premises
  • 06
    Copy of commercial registration certificate
  • 07
    Evidence of juristic status
  • 08
    Copy of house registration where the establishment is located.
  • 09
    Map showing the location of the establishment in a nutshell with photos of the establishment showing the house number.
  • 10
    Photographic documents of joint venture operations (if any)
  • 11
    Passport photo or document used instead of passport or alien identification card (In the case of a foreigner)



Enquire VAT registration service

Enquire VAT registration service.

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Reasons why you should use the VAT registration service with PMP SERVE (THAILAND)

PMP SERVE (THAILAND) PMP SERVE (THAILAND), provides VAT registration service for all entrepreneurs and business owners through online channels or VAT registration service directly to the Revenue Department of the district or district where the entrepreneur is located. We provide VAT registration service by a professional team with expertise, direct VAT registration, high experience. We facilitate the preparation of documents and perform various actions on your behalf to help entrepreneurs to register VAT in a short time and able to issue tax invoices legally as well as to increase the reliability of customers and trading partners to the maximum.


VAT registration service, for all businesses

PMP SERVE (THAILAND) PMP SERVE (THAILAND) provides VAT registration service that is standards and fully legal covering a wide range of businesses with reasonable prices.


VAT registration service, with professional and expertise

We have specialists and a team that has a lot of experience in VAT registration for various types of businesses for a long time, ensuring standards and accuracy.


Fast service

We are ready to provide VAT registration for you with speed, conciseness, promptness, and ready to give advice and solve problems quickly, on time.


Fair and reasonable price

We provide VAT registration service, VAT registration service, reasonable price, guaranteed quality standards in providing company registration services at a fair price for all businesses. No additional hidden costs


Honesty and sincerity

We adhere to the principle of sincere service. We provide advice only on facts which is based on honesty and sincerity. Our work processes are transparency and can be monitored every step of the way.

Customers are part of us

PMP Serve (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

PMP SERVE ( Thailand ) Co., Ltd. is a licensed accounting office and qualified accountant. We focus on providing quality accounting and tax services, bookkeeping, accounting system, auditing, and business registration services as well as company registration, limited partnership, registration of associations and foundations and business consulting service.


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