New company registration (within 1 day)

New company registration (within 1 day)

What we offer specially for registered customers and new account services ?
• Free service to reserve company name, Ministry of Commerce.
• Free service for stamp design.
• Free service for VAT registration.
• Free service for employer registration, Social Security Office.
• Free business card for entrepreneurs ,both in document systems and electronic business cards.
• Free company logo design service.
• Free documents forms of accounting, invoices /bills /tax invoices /receipts /withholding tax certificates and important documents.
• Free service for registration of E-Fling operators for submitting financial statements to the Ministry of
• Free service for online tax filing registration form Por Por 01
• Free service for registration of entrepreneurs registered with E-GP (public procurement system)
• Free services, advice and consulting for SMEs businesses.

Petition and documents required for the registration of a limited company.
1. Application for registration of a limited company (Form Bor Jor. 1)
2. Limited Company Registration Certificate.
3. Memorandum of Association (Form Bor Jor. 2), stamp duty 200 baht
4. List of establishment registration (Form Bor Jor. 3)
5. Objective form (Form Wor.)
6. Details of directors (Form A)
7. Notification of the result of reservation for the name of the juristic person that has not expired.
8. Evidence of approval for the establishment of a company to run business from relevant agencies ( Used only in the business operations that are under special laws such as banking business, insurance business Finance business, securities business, credit Foncier business, credit information business, Warehouse asset management, Silo business or cold storage business. )
9. List of shareholders (Form Bor Jor. 5)
10. A copy of the name list of shareholders or proxies in the meeting to approve the company’s establishment meeting with their signatures.
11. Copy of the minutes of the company establishment meeting.
12. A copy of the regulations (if any)
13. A copy of evidence of receipt of payment for shares issued by the company to shareholders.
14. In the case of a limited company with foreign shareholders holding less than 50 percent of the registered capital or in the case of a limited company that does not have foreign shareholders ,but the foreigner is a director authorized to sign or co-sign to bind the company, submit documentary evidence issued by the bank to certify or show the shareholders’ financial status with individual Thai nationality supporting the application for registration, these documents have to show the amount that corresponds to the amount invested in each shareholder’s shares.
15. Form SSCH 1
16. Map showing the location of the principal office and nearby landmarks.
17. A copy of the identity card of the promoters and all directors. *See the rules for identity cards*
18. Copy of proof of signature (if any)

Important documents for customers registering a new company :

• Commercial registration certificate
• Company certificate
• Company objective details
• Minutes of the company establishment meeting
• Memorandum of Association (Bor Jor. 2)
• Report of establishment registration (Bor Jor. 3)
• List of regulations
• A copy of the list of shareholders (Bor Jor. 5)

Service for registering a new company within one day
Special price ฿12,000.- ( including all fees + service charges )

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